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Recent job and fun at Mufflers To The Max


BMW 545i V8 With single 3 inch and XForce Varex rear muffler.




We have revamped our scope of work and we have reintroiduced a full mechanical setup. We now include

Mechanical Repairs and servicing, Wheel alignments, Brakes, Suspension Shock absorbers, Oil and filter change, Engine Diagnostics, Clutch and transmission Servicing Timing belts & Chains and much much more


Thats its, done and dusted, or painted.

Short huh!!  Gonna be friggen loud thats for sure.  Sitting on the dummy engine, this is gonna be one angry Hemi

Turbo V8 Commodore........ Looks great

Came in for us to finish the exhaust, 3 1/2in dump pipe and single system that splits at the rear for both rear bumper outlets to be filled with big tips.
The problem came when we opened the bonnet.

Nice looking Log manifold on the passenger side,....... 

That left no room to run the exhaust.  We had to break the bad news to the owner that the manifold will have to be remade.  

Such a shame, owner has spent a fortune and now it has to be re made.  But as per the Mufflers to the Max way, no muff too tuff, we will get it sorted and it will be made as it should have been done in the first place!




In for a complete turbo back exhuast! Yep the Aussie Military are now rocking turbo Defenders with custom made turbo back mandrel bent exhaist systems!!

Nar not really. This is an Ex Mill Car, now with a turbo on the Isuzu Diesel!



Last weeks custom headers for the Valiant are ready for fitting, wow their short, wow that are sexy as hell and WOW THEY ARE GOING TO BE LOUD



Here are some of our recent jobs and fun within the workshop

1961 Lincoln Continental, on Airbags, and the job order is to the exhaust must be big but high enough so it can drive one full low!!!


Classic Valiant Sedan in for shorties, a drag car, pipes stop at front wheels!! Gonna be LOUD



Lotus Exige Honda K20 VTEC supercharged!  Custom headers, ceramic coated into 3" short system with custom made to suit Genie Muffler



Custom "Budget" Headers for Subaru Liberty with sports system

Camaro Over the diff system

Porsche Boxster Gemballa Twin Turbo system with rebuild and re packed Gemballa muffler

Chrysler Hornet with a small power adder!!


BMW X5 Twin turbo V8 Rear muffler Upgrade. Factory mamouth Muffler Removed and dual Magnaflow Barrels added with quad tips!

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