Road Worthy Certification


Approved for Light Vehicles Up to 4.5 Tonne GVM except registered buses, taxis, limosines and driving instruction school vehicles


Flat Rate for all Road Worthy Certificates that do no require additional work 


A roadworthy certificate or “RWC” is an inspection that only certified roadworthy inspectors can carry out. You will require a roadworthy certificate/safety certificate if you are selling or have sold your car, wish to transfer registration from another state or need to re-register your vehicle.

What does the roadworthy certificate include?
Some of the aspects of your car we will look at includes:
        -Seats and restraints
        -Lights and electrical components
        -Windscreen and windows
        -Steering and suspension
        -Wheels and tyres
        -Brake components
        -Engines and drivelines
        -Exhaust and emissions
        -Leaks and Wear
        -Condition, damage and Rust
        -Road Test


Why is a roadworthy certificate important?
It’s our duty of care to make sure your roadworthy inspection is carried out correctly. Once the inspection is complete and all areas pass the test, we sign off that the car is safe to be on the road and meets QLD transport’s guidelines. It’s not uncommon for a car to fail its first inspection. You have 14 days to get any issues sorted without having to pay for another inspection providing it is returned to our workshop

The vehicle either needs to be registered or have the CTP component of your rego paid so that we can carry out a sufficient road test as it is part of the inspection.


Below is a sample of the super important blue slip provided once your car passes the "roady"

More important information can be found on the links below regarding road worthy in Qld

All road worthies are to comply with the Vehichle Inspection Guidelines, if you would like to have a look, click the link below