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Does your exhaust have holes or patch up repairs that need fixing?

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Here is a list of the services we offer, however if the service you are looking for is not on the list, just ask we might surprise you! Got a question? Send us an email, or call us on (07) 55970119. 

We are second to none when it comes to mechanical and exhaust repairs on the gold coast.

Need a quote on any of these services?

  • -Road Worthy Certification                                     - Mechanical Repairs and servicing

  • -Standard exhaust replacement                             - Wheel alignments

  • -Catalytic converter Replacement                          - Brakes Discs, Pads and Drums

  • -Gasket Replacement                                            - Suspension Shock absorbers

  • -Sound testing                                                        -Timing belts & Chains, Pulleys and tensioners

  • -European vehicle specialists                                -Engine Diagnostics

  • -2-10 year warranty                                               -Clutch and transmission Servicing

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General car, 4x4 and ute servicing

Recently we increased our team by 2 fully qualified mechanics to complement the expereince of the other staff in all things mechanical and exhaust.  We also bought in a Wheel aligner machine and hoist to ensure we can handle anythign you need doing.  Minor and ajor servicing, suspension

Mechanics, modern day cars and 4WDs are built to very fine tolerances, which is fantastic for the driver producing more power, better fuel economy and comfort, but these tolerances do require maintenance to ensure optimum running environments. Servicing simply must be up to schedule, burnt and thick oil can and will do major damage to an engine, blocked oil and fuel filters starve the engine of their energy and their blood, a human can’t service with out them and neither can your car!!!  Bring it in for a service, over due maintenance is not worth the head aches and the financial cost if some thing goes wrong especially compared to the minor fees of scheduled servicing. At the start of 2016 we decided to accept the requests of our regular customers and reopened the doors to general mechanical, servicing, diagnostics, wheel alignments, Road worthy Certifications and everything else in between.  Including all steering, suspension, brakes, drivelines, transmissions, clutches etc etc. Regular log book servicing starts from $99, wheel alignments $66, Road Worthies $77 but most important of all Free safety checks.  

Brakes  -Brakes are the single most important component system on your car. Nothing else can slow your car, they have to be maintained.  Being a higher wearing friction component they do wear out. Brakes are generally a fairly quick an easy replacement, keeping labour costs low with replacement parts or machining if possible. If you are hearing a squeal or a grinding or a shudder from your brakes, PLEASE bring your car in, it may need urgent attention, pop in for a free safety check and obligation free quote. 5-10 minutes of your time is much cheaper than things going pear shaped on the road.

Clutch -The clutch connects the engine to the gearbox in a manual car. With out the clutch you ain’t going no where fast or smooth!!  Clutch replacement can be time consuming affair but generally should last in excess of 100000kms.  But most have a substantial amount of adjustment that if performed correctly could extend the life of a wearing clutch substantially, if it is out of adjustment, it maybe time for a new one. Bring the car in for a check up, we can either adjust and or quote for a fresh clutch plate, pressure plate, spigot and throw out bearing and of course never skimp the dollar and always have the flywheel machined to received the nice new clutch. Remember, you ain’t going no where with a stuffed clutch and most of all, if the engine is “in gear” and running, it is also a major safety concern if you can not get it back out of gear to be able to stop!

Towing Equipment (Towbars), most cars sold in Australia with ADR approval have some form of tow rating, be it for a small box trailer, jet skis, small boat or a big rig going behind a 4X4. Towbars can be fitted to some cars for as little as $250 which opens the door to a whole world of options. We also have access to a wide range of heavy duty bike racks that mount directly to the tower to reduce risk of bumper bar and boot damage from car rear mounted racks. We have in-house fitting and electrical wiring, electrical testing and repair.




Standard exhaust replacement

Over time most exhaust systems on every day cars are going to need some attention.  Exhaust systems are always made of metal materials that in most cases will eventually rust and corrode to the point of needing repair or replacement.

With modern fuels being unleaded and cars designed to run super lean to meet emissions laws, exhausts systems are failing as quick these days as they were 40 years ago before metal technologies improved the life spans.  Even though modern exhausts are made of longer lasting materials and better design, the super lean engine running parameters create water vapour within the exhaust which can build up and cause internal rusting.

If your car is driven short journeys or not daily, the moisture build up on the inside of the exhaust does not get chance to dry out which only continues the rusting from the inside out.

Many modern new cars now come from the factory with a stainless steel exhaust to aid in increasing the exhaust life span and combat the internal rusting due to the running conditions.

Diagram of an advanced muffler that will prevent the need for certain exhaust repairs

Our brands of standard replacement mufflers have listings for "most" late model cars, 4wds and light commercial vehicles. This means the work required to repair your exhaust is cheaper and quicker than ever before.  If we fit the exact replacement assembly (assembly is a section of exhaust that could include pipe work, mufflers and or resonators) to your vehicle, it saves on labour and making an assembly to suit the car which will normally result in a lower cost and the most effective replacement of the muffler.

In situations where there is not a replacement section or assembly available for your car, we can make pretty much any muffler and pipe combination required to fix any exhaust and get the vehicle back on the road, quietly, legally and most importantly with out any noxious gasses making their way in to the cabin.


Vehicle Emissions for road registered car, utes and 4x4s.

With or with Out a Catalytic Converter

It is illegal to drive on Australian roads with out a catalytic converter in any petrol vehicle on the that was released from the factory with a cat converter or a car with a later model engine that had a cat from factory. The main purpose of a catalytic converter on an automobile is to reduces harmful emissions of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere.

Catalytic converters were introduced to Australian vehicles in 1986 to clean up the noxious exhaust gases produced by petrol engines.

 photo Wide_body_WS_zps4aa4993a.jpg

Click here to visit our  Cat Converter and DPF info Page

The main and most common reason for a catalytic converter to fail is the engine not running 100% correctly.   
Common Causes of Catalytic converter Failure:

-If the engine is running either too lean or too rich due to fuel control issues or sensor readings 
-The engine running hotter temperature due to a cooling issue 
-Running with a miss fire due to an ignition problem.

The first stage of a catalytic converter failing is the internal core becoming partially blocked.  The partial blocked cat causes the internal core to over heat and start to melt.  Once the melting starts, the cat converter is bound for imminent failure.  Once Failure occurs the cat will start to rattle as the internals have broken away and are likley to completely block the exhaust or get stuck within the mufflers at the rear of the exhaust. 

Diagnosing a Failing cat converter

With out cutting the piping and looking at the hot side (engine side) of the cat converter core, you can not know 100% if the cat is failure and causing issues. 
First signs maybe the car starts to drive a bit sluggish, struggling to accelerate and gain revs. 
Later you may notice the car really starts to struggle to make revs and even idle.  By this time the car really needs to be assessed and look at getting the cats changed before damage is done to the engine and other areas. 
From here you may start to smell burning from under the car, and potentially feeling unusual heat from under the car. 
Once you start to hear a rattle from under the car you know the cat converter has collapsed and loose within the piping and may now be blocking the exhaust. If it gets this far, the engine is running illegally with no emission control and MUST have the cat converter replaced.

Here is what a cat converter at early stages of melting looks like form the inside

Diagram of an advanced muffler that will prevent the need for certain exhaust repairs

This is what falls out when a cat converter fails. A mush of broken honey comb core.

 photo ScreenShot2015-02-06at101020am_zpsf00e39fc.jpg  

For more information, Please click here to go to our exhaust repairs info page.

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To Brad , Just to say thank you for your service on my Mazda mps and your great customer service and keeping me updated through out the process a asset to the company

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