Sports Exhaust

We have a huge range of bolt up sports exhaust systems from a range of big name brands in Mild and Stainless steel for a huge range of modern cars and 4X4s, including Cat back, turbo back and Engine back systems including high performance extractors

Do you want to give your car a nice exhaust note?



Make your V8 Sound like a V8? 

Your V6 to sound awesome?

Or your hi-tech 4 cylinder sound racey and sporty?

A Sports Exhaust System is what you need!!


We are second to none when it comes to sports exhaust on the gold coast.

One of our main areas of expertise is making your car sound right, how we believe it should sound right from the Showroom!!  We love our sports exhausts! In fact we are passionate about making your car sound how it should sound.

When it comes to making an exhaust sound louder or sounding better than the manufacturer made it, there is many options and variables that can change the way it may sound, may unleash more or less performance.

With over 100 years combined industry experience there is not much our team don't know about how to make your car sound good.  Every car and engine setup is different. How a V8 from an older Ford Mustang sounds with a nice sports system will be completely different to how a modern V8 Holden Commodore will sound with similar setup.

We have a huge range of pre made "bolt on " sports systems from a variety of manufacturers that are made as a bolt up system for many makes and models of car.

For example we have brands XForceHurricaneMagnaflow, Supercat, Genie, King Brown, Zetti and Redback, which are just a selection of our mainstream brands.  Systems vary in shape, size of piping and design to suit the car.  For example an XForce bolt on dual 3inch cat back system for a VE V8 Commodore will completely different to that of a Single 3in turbo back system for a Turbo Diesel Hilux 4x4.

What are the different kinds of sports exhaust systems available?

Cat Back System - Half of the factory exhaust system

The most common hand made or bolt on systems sold and fitted are a system that starts just after the catalytic converter, which in most cars is around the front seats area under the car.  A Cat Back System (CBS for short) allows the engine to breath with reduced restriction from the factory mufflers and tight bends, which increases air flow, sound and can potentially increase the horse power out put of the engine.  CBS systems vary to suit every car, some are made to give a quieter sporty note, and some are a nice loud tuff sound, they can all vary depending on size, design and brand.

Sports systems can be available in Mild or Stainless steel, depending on the manufacturer and the vehicle type as to what kits are available.

 photo CBS_zps4dd5b9ec.jpgCat Back System

If you own a Turbo diesel vehicle with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) there is no benefit in performance or sound by changed the exhaust system from factory.

Engine Back System - Complete exhaust system for Naturally Aspirated cars

A more comprehensive exhaust system than the cat back includes a new high flow catalytic converter and exhaust headers if the engine is naturally aspirated or supercharged engine.  A turbo charged engine can get a new turbo dump pipe and cat converter.

The System including exhaust headers also known as extractors is called an Engine Back System or EBS for short.  This setup allows all the restrictions within the factory exhaust to be removed and performance improved.  An EBS normally includes a high flow sports catalytic converter that allows the emissions to be kept in check but also allow a high flow of air to increase the performance capability of the exhaust.  When matching headers and the high flow cat to the cat back system, the engine can breath fully, allowing performance gain, potentially improved fuel consumption and also allow the engine to sound how it should!

A complete engine back system can if you want make your engine sound the best it can sound.  Larger bore headers matched with the high flow cat takes the sound and volume to another level.  In applications like the image below, a dual system for a V8, it will sound deeper, throatier and much more racey than the same system in just cat back form with out the headers and cats.

If you want the ultimate in sound and appeal, then you NEED a full engine back system.

 photo EBS_zps5438267a.jpgEngine Back System

Turbo back System

A turbo back system (TBS) is much the same as the Engine back but with out the engine headers and with a Turbo Dump pipe.  Changing the dump pipe and cat converter on a turbo charged car is one of the easiest and most cost effective performance gains that can be made.  Adding the larger and often bellmouthed dump pipe to the back of the turbo often immediately improves power and response.  The addition of the high flow cat converter also reduces the major restriction and allows an increase in boost pressure and flow.

 photo TBS_zps01d54c64.jpgTurbo Back System

Unfortunately the opportunity to instal a high flow turbo back exhaust system is not possible due to the fact a DPF unit can not be and must not be removed. There are no performance gains to be made or sond to be increased by changing any part of the system, the DPF unit will always remain and will hinder any exhaust performance upgrades attempted.



One of our Major Product lines for Bolt on Systems and components is from XForce Australia

Click the image to go to our XForce Page

About XForce

XForce's passion for performance exhaust has no boundaries and our commitment to achieve is limitless. That’s why XFORCE is becoming one of Australia’s most recognized brands that are built on our strong philosophy of providing the pinnacle of quality in performance exhaust. Today, XForce has distribution networks throughout the country as well as providing for international customers.


We stock the full range of Premium quality MagnaFlow Catalytic Converters. Everything from Euro 2 to Euro 5 Sports cats and Ultra Highflow Race Cats


 photo CTU-B057-1_zpsf20ee5ae.jpg

Here is a Universal replacement catalytic Converter that is suitable for most vehicles until the around 2005

 photo Wide_body_WS_zps4aa4993a.jpg

Below is a 200 CPSI (cell) Round High Flow Metalic Sports Cat

 photo CTU-B063D-1_zps63ae100f.jpg

Below is a 100 CPSI (cell) Stainless Steel Metalic Core race Cat - Can you see the difference in the density of the core.

The one below has larger openings in the honeycomb core and is higher flowing

 photo CTU-B063-100-2_zps60e6ee0f.jpg

We stock a massive range of universal mufflers for all applications from 3hp generators to 1500 hp+ Drag cars, including trucks, 4WDs, family cars and sports cars

We have the range of X-Force "Varex" TM variable Volume mufflers that work via remote control from in the cab. Adjustable from near standard exhaust volume to straight through Hi Performance no restriction.

 photo mufflerstothemaxcom-2094_zps9663a3ac.jpg

These are Premium Quality Stainless Steel MagnaFlow High Flow sports Mufflers

 photo 14326-B_zps12542cc0.jpg photo 14226-B_zps346b7cbb.jpg

 photo 14415-B_zps285a6174.jpg

Below are universal replacement and Sports muffler made from High quality Aluminised Mild Steel

 photo MFB-2181-1_zpsf52fb7da.jpg photo ASM435GP_zps461a0a9f.jpg

We carry a huge range of these Zetti Brand universal mufflers to suit all applications

To go with the mufflers we also have a huge range of Chromed or stainless tips to suit any exhaust and most applications from factory fit to a mean street look!!

Below is an all Stainless Steel Double Skinned Sports tip, these are available in several different sizes and lengths. Below is and Single walled Dumpy/Droppy tip, perfect for that old school or sleeper look

 photo TIP-608-ZT-1_zps41893de0.jpg photo TIP-Z630_zpsb58f0a35.jpg

Below is a Stainless steel rolled end tip that looks perfect in most factory replacement application, and next to it is the perfect addition to your Chevy ground up restoration of hot rod application

 photo TIP-Z606-1_zps5d3a70da.jpg photo TIP-Z680BowTie-A_zps315d3d42.jpg


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