2016 Mustang with the works from XForce

Well, here it is, our first 2016 Mustang, V8, in for the works.


This car had a Corsa brand Cat back systems fitted, then the XForce headers and cats were installed.

Unfortunatley the Corsa system was way to loud with the headers and cats...


Soo off came the Corsa Extreme system and on went the Dual 3inch stainless system from XForce, that matched the headers.

A very nice deep baritone note, but just not too loud to upset any one.

The system fitted perfectly, bolted up with very nice finger sized fitment.  The 7 inch round barrel muffler at the back, just visible from behind, makes sure anyone sneaking a peak knows its got stuff under there.

The flat plane crank 5 litre sounds similar but different in its own way to the aussie V8s in the Falcons, put them side by side and id say you could pick the unique very super car esque technology spinning around deep in that engine.












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