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3″ SINGLE EXIT EXHAUST FOR 79 SERIES 4.5L DUAL CAB - 08/2012 – 07/2016

Toyota Landcruiser 3″ Single Exit Exhaust


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Ideal for towing and long distance touring, Torqit’s 3 inch Landcruiser 79 Series Dual Cab Performance Exhaust is one of the thickest and most durable mandrel bent systems of its kind in Australia. As part of Torqit’s renowned Landcruiser range, it has been designed and manufactured to produce the ultimate V8 rumble, and is the perfect mix of sound, performance and quality.

Manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel up to 2mm thick, the quality and thickness of the system prevents cracking when traversing rough terrain. Three-bolt laser cut flanges are also 304 grade steel, and welded inside and out to withstand rugged off-roading and touring. A muffler eliminates drone and controls the sound output, while the wide diameter enhances the distinctive deep note. However it’s not just the note that stands out on this system- the exhaust is visible from the rear wheel back, and with a brushed stainless steel finish and laser cut badge it’s worth showing off.

Bolting straight on to the back of the turbo, Torqit’s 3 inch exhaust for the 79 Series 4.5L Dual Cab includes high flow catalytic converters to improve the flow of gases. Double braided flex bellows reduce strain on the system, and absorb excess movement and vibrations. The blue titanium dump pipes on our turbo back systems are unique to Torqit, and help disperse heat and lower the Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGTs). Titanium is a tough, low-corrosion metal with extremely high heat resistance and a long lifespan, which disperses heat and cools rapidly. This keeps the engine bay cooler and protects the engine and its components, so your vehicle can breathe better and live longer.


  • Brushed stainless steel tube up to 2mm thick

  • Premium 304 grade stainless steel

  • Fully mandrel bent system

  • TIG welded

  • Three-bolt laser cut flanges, welded internally and externally

  • Heavy-duty wrap around brackets

  • Stainless steel resonator/muffler

  • Double braided stainless steel flex bellows

  • Titanium coated dump pipes to support heat dispersion

  • High flow diesel specific catalytic converter

  • Twin designed pyrometer fittings to suit EGT/ AFR gauges**

  • Deep note without cabin drone

  • DIY bolt together install


Ten year product warranty


Thick Stainless Steel
An exhaust system is exposed to many varied elements, including extreme heat and rough terrain. To handle these harsh conditions, we use stainless steel that is up to 2mm thick to maintain structural strength even after bending. Being extremely durable and difficult to crack, you can go off-road with peace of mind that your Torqit Performance Exhaust system will stay intact. Steel thickness not only affects the strength of an exhaust system, but also the sound it will produce- the thinner the steel, the tinnier the note. As among the thickest mandrel bent systems available in Australia, Torqit Performance Exhausts produce a deep note without cabin drone. 

304 Grade Stainless Steel
The highest quality steel used in exhaust systems is 304 grade stainless, which is renowned for its high strength, corrosion resistance, and easy maintenance. It is known as an austenitic stainless steel, meaning due to a high percentage of chromium and nickel it is extremely resistant to rust, stress, and harsh conditions such as high temperatures. The excellent properties of Torqit’s 304 grade stainless demonstrate its strength in comparison to the 409 grade stainless commonly used in the automotive industry. For heavy duty strength and resistance to corrosion, 304 grade stainless steel is the superior choice. A 4WD owner who undertakes water crossings, backs their vehicle into the water to unload a boat, or lives by the coast will especially benefit from our stainless steel systems. 

Internal & External Welds
High quality welds are essential to avoiding structural fatigue on joints, stopping cracks from forming, and preventing exhaust gas leaks. All flanges used in Torqit Performance Exhausts are TIG welded internally and externally, to reinforce the system for maximum strength. TIG welding is complex and more time consuming than the usual MIG welding technique used on exhausts; however it is a key part of creating a premium system. Torqit’s welds are extremely precise, higher quality, and create a beautiful clean finish with no welding spatter.

Mandrel Bent System
Torqit’s Mandrel Bender uses a flexible mandrel rod to support the pipe internally and prevent crinkling as it is bent. This maintains a smooth and constant diameter, improving the efficiency of your engine. With Torqit’s in house mandrel bender, we can maintain the structural integrity and thickness of our systems, prevent restricted exhaust flow, and reduce back pressure. State of the art programming means each exhaust is precisely replicated to follow the correct path, and guarantees accurate fitment.

Titanium Coated Dump Pipes
Unique to Torqit, our titanium coated dump pipes have extremely high heat resistance. Their aim is to protect the engine and its components by dispersing heat and cooling rapidly. Titanium is a tough, low-corrosion metal, and is significantly more durable than ceramic coatings which deteriorate by chipping, cracking and corroding over time. Torqit’s titanium coated dump pipes have a longer lifespan and maintain their form as the colour gradually vaporizes, leaving a rainbow-like appearance from reacting with heat.

High Flow Diesel Catalytic Converter
Torqit’s high flow catalytic converters focus on increasing exhaust flow, so your engine can breathe more freely and effectively disperse heat to lower your EGT’s. Consisting of a stainless steel case around a honeycomb structure made of various precious metals, our high flow units are 200 CPSI in comparison to the 400 CPSI of standard cats. The reduced CPSI of our cats means they work harder and faster, keeping your vehicle legal while improving power, fuel economy and overall performance. If your vehicle has been remapped, heavily modified or upgraded with a supercharger/turbocharger, our high flow cats will especially increase your engines power output.

Double Braided Flex Bellows
Flex bellows are an exhaust flex joint, designed to absorb excess movement and vibrations on the vehicles chassis. This prevents strain on the exhaust system, stops cracks from forming, and caters for slight adjustments when aligning and fastening the exhausts flanges. Torqit’s flex bellows are made from 304 grade stainless steel for superior strength, in comparison to the commonly used 409 grade stainless. The double braided design reinforces the bellow to prevent escape of gases, reduces deterioration from heat and gases, and increases the longevity and performance of your exhaust system.






YEAR: 08/2012 – 07/2016

* Torqit’s 3 inch Turbo Back Performance Exhaust for the 79 Series Landcruiser suits the following fuel tanks: LRA, Long Ranger, Frontier Long Range, and Brown Davis Long Ranger. 

**Please note the following sizes of the oxygen sensor thread:
Outside Bung: M18 1.5mm thread
Inside Bung: ¼ BSP non tapered/ straight thread
If your thread size is 1/4NPT (straight or tapered), you can use a small amount of sealant and tighten gently. We first recommend finger tightening, then a spanner if required.

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