Mufflers, Exhaust and Mechanical on the Gold Coast

I bet you have experienced it too.  The good old Traffic light grand prix.  

Your sitting relaxing at the lights in your big brute of a V8.  Lifes good, you have hundreds of horsepower under your right foot, you feel that your beast can turn the world on its axi........


That sound is unbelievable, you look left, you look right, and in your mirror you see a VE SS Commodore just like yours, but it sounds mental!!!  The ground is vibrating, you can feel it before you see it pull up.  But there it is, right next to you. Making your windows rattle.

You want that sound You need that sound.

You find your self staring at the driver, and shes HOT!!!  

Shes gorgeou........ oh crap it just drove off, and you missed the green light, DAMMIT you were gonna win that grand prix but that sound got the better of you.

As the thunder rolls away all you see is one thing, a sticker. Its small but it stand out like a light house in the night. What does it say?????

Mufflers to the max, Ive heard of that place. Quick ask Google, wow there it is, not even 10 mins away, you chuck a you turn and head over.

See ya when you get here!!


We do Everything!  Mechancial work, Exhaust Repairs, Sports Exhausts, Wheels and Tyres.....ANYTHING you need!

Mufflers To The Max has been supplying and installing mufflers, fabricating full systems and custom exhausts systems along with all manor of exhaust repairs on the Gold Coast to a wide range of vehicles including motor bike systems in Kamholtz Court for the last 15 years. With 25 years experience in the exhaust industry there is no job too big or small, we cater for all. We are proud to be the original gold coast muff men. Our motto is "No Muff Too Tuff!!"

Recently we have reinstalled our Wheel aligner and firing up our mechanical side again. We had a short hiatus from the mechanical side of things, but now we are back doing anything and everything. Click here for more info on Our mechanical services. And here for Alignments


Feel Free to call us Monday To Friday between 8am and 5pm on 07 5597 0119 or email on

We specialise in standard factory replacement exhaust for the family car, exhaust repairs, bolt on and custom made sports exhaust for the enthusiast, custom tuned race systems for the race car, stunning stainless for the show car, cheap but effective for the project fun car and high tech, light and small for the motor bike.

If you require exhaust repairs, standard replacement mufflers, Cat converter or Diesel Particulate Filter replacement, glass packed sports mufflers, truck mufflers or industrial mufflers, Mufflers to the Max are the people to see for quality service and reliability. Give us a call for your next quote.

We stock many of Australia's top brands in the exhaust industry, use the brands drop down menu at the top to see the brands and products we stock and work with Mufflers to the Max is the gold coast largest Exhaust workshop. We specialise in Exhausts, we don't spread our Exhaust technicians across other mechanical areas, we have dedicated mechanics here for that side of the business

Our Services include nut deffintely not limited too:

Mechanical Repairs and servicing, Wheel alignments, Brakes, Suspension Shock absorbers, Oil and filter change, Engine Diagnostics, Clutch and transmission Servicing Timing belts & Chains and much much more

Check this video by XForce out


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Custom Exhaust

Custom Work at Mufflers To The Max. With over 100 year combined custom exhaust experience, we can make anything for your car, Stainless and Mild Steel, Mig and Tig welding to suit any and all performance applications


Sports Exhaust

We have a huge range of bolt up sports exhaust systems from a range of big name brands in Mild and Stainless steel for a huge range of modern cars and 4X4s, including Cat back, turbo back and Engine back systems including high performance extractors